About Me

Born in the middle of a Nebraskan cornfield, I had to learn to scavenge to survive. I managed to live off the land until I was taken in by a pack of wolves. In spite of the scratching and biting, my wolf parents were able to teach me many valuable skills essential to function in polite society. These skills ranged from holding the door, to not sniffing strangers butts - at least without their permission. It's uncertain whether it was the dancing or the howling, but one way or another I was drawn to the dramatic arts. I remember forcing my pack to sit in my den as I yapped along to Robert Pupston in A Wailing Wolf (and with that this wolf bit has run its course). Coincidentally, the first show I was ever in was A Music Man. After my foray on stage as Winthrop 'Gary Indiana' Paroo I knew their was nothing else I would rather do and nowhere else I would rather be than working in the theatre. This eventually led me to leave everything I knew, moving 650 miles away from home to Fort Worth, Texas- Texas Christian University (TCU) to be exact. It's there that I've spent the past four years learning not just be a better actor but a better person. This March I'm excited to travel to New York with some of my friends and peers to perform as part of Theatre TCU's Senior Showcase. To be clear I'm going to New York, as in the U.S' largest city, not New York the English Hamet of Lincolnshire. Then, in May, I'll graduate from TCU with a B.F.A. in Performance with an emphasis in Musical Theatre (knock on wood). And from there the future is yet to be set.

photos by Jack Kapple